Fleshlight sleeves special offer

I guess the folks over at Fleshlight were tired of the whole “ribbed for her pleasure” thing and just decided to make something with ribs for the guys… so they created the Super Ribbed Fleshlight texture. It is just as you would imagine it to be: a tight Fleshlight sleeve with about a hundred small ribs (but don’t quote me on the number) that run down the complete length of the sleeve.

Super Ribbed Fleshlight sleeve

BUY Fleshlight Super Ribbed sleeve NOW!

I own one of these Fleshlight Super Ribbed sleeves myself, it was actually my very first purchase from Fleshlight, and let me tell you the other reviewers on their site aren’t lying! The secret to this texture is obviously the many small ribs which gently grip on to you with every push, and stimulate the underside of the head on every out stroke. I have since gone on to buy some of the other newer textures from Fleshlight but I still come back to Fleshlight Super Ribbed every now and then just for something different and also because it is not quite as intense as the super textures which tend to send people over the edge too quickly sometimes.